Footwear has always been an important everyday essential. As far back as antiquity, hand-stitched leather was placed around the forefoot, moccasin-style, and adapted to the weather conditions and risks of the terrain faced by a given civilisation.

Over the centuries, shoes have evolved in many ways: to be functional as well as attractive, to meet cultural and social norms, not to mention to satisfy practical and military needs, embodied in the famous Ranger boot for example.

Nowadays footwear remains a symbol of social status, but also style!

The demands of different terrains call for high levels of quality and comfort.  Police officers, riot police, security agents and other users in law enforcement and the military require special gear to perform a range of missions and duties.

Working in close collaboration with task forces, GK PROFESSIONAL, bringing 30 years of experience to the duty and tactical gear sector, has applied its expertise to meet their needs in terms of tactical footwear:


They perfectly match the needs of public administrations as well as numerous law enforcement and security forces worldwide, carrying out increasingly demanding missions.

Once more GK PROFESSIONAL has paid particular attention to the high-tech materials and design of these new shoes:

  • Choice of materials

  • Improved durability

  • Greater comfort

  • Fluid, dynamic design

  • Incredibly lightweight (models ranging from 500 to 610 grams)

  • Exceptional grip

GK PROFESSIONAL BOOTS is EC certified and complies with the EN ISO 20347 2044/A1 2007 OB FO SR standard, official seals of approval of GK PROFESSIONAL’s high manufacturing standards. GK PROFESSIONAL BOOTS’ design and manufacturing quality is certified by this standard.

Furthermore, as GK PROFESSIONAL BOOTS are worn in urban and tactical environments, this standard guarantees their extreme gripping quality on slippery surfaces. Our range of tactical footwear has a variety of models to meet all your needs!