In 1984, GK PROFESSIONAL‘s founder and director Georges Kumuchian started out manufacturing small leather items, bags and belts. One day, a police inspector, unhappy with his current holster, asked whether Georges could come up with something better and so he did. The holster went down a storm at his police station and several of his inspector colleagues wanted the same model. So Georges decided to forget about bags and belts and instead produce holsters, handcuffs and card holders… the rest is history.

GK PROFESSIONAL is now the leader in its field, and has become the specialist in uniforms and gear for the police and security forces.

Today, there is increasing demand on our law enforcement and security forces who are seeing rising numbers of interventions and facing levels of violence never seen before.

Thanks to the attention we give to all your comments and requests in relation to the missions you carry out in the field, GK Professional, bringing over 30 years of experience, offers a large range of holsters, accessories and equipment, with some 2,200 product references in total.



We offer full ranges of duty and tactical gear and keep a permanent stock to cater to your needs as rapidly as possible.

  • Tactical/bulletproof vests

  • Clothing (training, intervention)

  • Tactical footwear

  • Accessories (card and ID holders, medal holders, glove holders, etc.)

  • Security equipment (handcuffs, armbands, batons/tonfas)

  • Belts

  • Flashlights

  • Defence sprays

  • Gloves

  • Bags

  • Holsters/Leg plates

New developments in terms of materials, processes and technologies are constantly being released, and these innovations are reflected in how we design, manufacture and distribute our products, supported by a research and development programme that is the very cornerstone of our business.

GK PROFESSIONAL caters to your constantly evolving needs by supplying products with ever increasing attention to quality, to guarantee your safety as well as our unique and immediately recognisable design!