Acropol TPH900 Radio Holder with clip


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Acropol TPH900 Radio Holder with clip #9841TPH900C 

Characteristics of Acropol TPH900 radio holder with clip #9841TPH900C: 

  • Case for carrying and protecting a radio
  • PIVOCLIP attachment allows quick attachment to the belt to use the radio without removing it from its case
  • Large side opening that allows access to the different connectors on the sides
  • Lateral hold with elastic
  • Flap with closure by push button
  • Transparent flap allowing visual access of buttons and indicator light
  • Hole provided for insertion of the clip pivot if present on the radio
  • Mono-block tri-fold strap with self-gripping closure for maximum stability and support on the belt
  • Compatible with 50mm wide belts

COMPOSITION of the Acropol TPH900 radio holder with clip #9841TPH900C: 

  • Fabric: High tenacity polyamide
  • Thread: High tenacity polyamide
  • Border: High tenacity polyamide
  • Reinforcements: Polymer
  • Pressures: Brass / Plastic
  • Elastic

INSTRUCTIONS D’ENTRETIEN du porte-radio Acropol TPH900 avec clip #9841TPH900C : 

  • Brush lightly
  • Clean with a damp cloth
  • Allow to dry in the open air

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