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Both the HIDDEN BELT and the HIDDEN-V vests are designed for undercover missions. They are a convenient and concealed way to carry your equipment. Their versatility and undetectability makes them unique. The HIDDEN BELT and HIDDEN-V vest adapt to your equipment, your morphology and your missions.


The HIDDEN BELT accessory-holder is a new comer in the GK tactical line
– Its mesh design makes it light, strong and ergonomic
– For concealed carrying under jackets
– Hook and loop adjustment and fastening + 2 webbing straps that can be attached to the regular belt for further stability
– Can be worn either with the pockets section in front (picture #1) or at the back (picture #2)
– Ambidextrous
– Unlimited possibilities according to your needs (examples: picture #1, picture #3)
– All the flaps are detachable (picture #3)
– This belt is comprised of:
– 3 pockets with detachable flap, hook and loop fastening, can hold a spray, magazine, knife, flashlight, etc.,
– 1 expandable baton holder on a hook and loop patch that can be removed or adjusted to another angle,
– 1 elastic pocket for a radio,
– 1 universal and ambidextrous elastic holster with flap fastened with hook and loop, According to the way the belt is worn, the holster can either have a high-ride or cross draw position (inverted draw picture #1),
– 1 zippered pocket for different accessories and/or id documents
– Single size.

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