High-ride concealed holster


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High-ride concealed holster

The concept driving the development of this new range of holsters is that of intuitive use. Holsters belonging to the 800 Series will remain undetected throughout your mission.

High-ride concealed holster # 870 

New injected holster Retention system applied to the trigger guard
– Natural and quick draw: index finger extended and laying flat on the push button that is ideally positioned
– Instinctive re-holstering: an audible “click” indicates that the handgun is secured
– For added security, the retention button is set deeper than its two protections
– High-ride swivel belt loop
– Belt slots can be adjusted to 35 mm or 50 mm belts
– Compatible with # 9840BL9 mid-ride belt loop, new #880KX2 systems and # 97000KT tactical leg system
– Available for right and left handed users.

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