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the leg protections of the range robocop equipment :

Our equipment dedicated to law enforcement operations assures: Protection again thrown objects, Protection against blow made with blunt objects (stones, metal objects, base-ball bats…) and also from edged objects (knives, screwdrivers, chisels…)Maximum resistance to different shocks: ~100 joules. Lightweight and comfortable suit designed to protect while allowing ease of movement. The latest development of the ROBOCOP EQUIPMENT range meets all the needs and technical specifications of the FRENCH POLICE and GENDARMERIE, the FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY as well as those of a large number of law enforcement authorities worldwide.


Maximum protection of insteps, shins and knees

Protection pad

Fully articulated Flat area on the knee shells allows for stability if kneeling is required during interventions

Shock and fire-resistant, KR2 stab-resistant

Sizes: Sizes 1 (T1) to 4 (T4)

Color: Black

other colors on request.

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Weight 1 kg
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Robocop equipment


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