Under Control Pro High Socks

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Under Control Pro High Socks

The PRS V2 remains faithful to the original design, offering outstanding comfort, optimal blood circulation and unequalled postural support. The V2 also includes new features: a seamless finish, ventilation zones and improved arch support.

Under Control Pro High Socks

Seamless and without elastic, these do not compress the calf (with no tourniquet effect), thus relieving pressure at the ankle.

WARNING! This product will melt when exposed to extreme heat or open flames.

“The massaging acupressure” is designed to activate blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole area.

Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides for venous return and recovery.

The toe piece contours and covers the toes without creasing, compressing or smothering the foot.

Specially designed for right and left foot in order to adhere to the anatomy of the foot and maintain your performances.

The 3D.DOTS are multidirectional and ensure maximum grip in shoes thereby preventing feet from slipping during effort.

The 3D.DOTS retain little water (rain, hydration, perspiration) and the space between them facilitates its extraction so that feet stay drier.

Seamless and without elastic, the upper part of the sock does not compress the leg, thus relieving the pressure in that area.

In normal use COMPRESSPORT is tear proof.

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