Aware of the need to constantly improve its services, GK PROFESSIONAL operates within a framework of strict processes and ongoing improvement, maintaining complete control over all its products in the interests of total quality assurance.

These foundations are conveyed through the UNIFORM, a symbolic and essential piece of kit worn by members of law enforcement and the military wherever they may be.

The uniform is regulation dress by which every man and woman belonging to a same force or corps, and a same grade within that force or corps, is distinguished.  It is a sign of distinction, prestige and recognition by others.

GK PROFESSIONAL offers a wide range of quality uniforms combining inimitable style and outstanding comfort.

More so than other gear in our collection, this line calls for highly specific manufacturing processes handled by a special team. Our goal is to produce garments that inspire the values represented by the uniform:




GK PRO uniforms and gear display GK’s reputed design, quality and French know-how.  These benchmarks are underpinned by the use of premium quality raw materials and the fine attention to detail and design ensured by our Paris office.

Thanks to GK PRO’s constantly bested and innovative Research & Development programme, our uniforms are made to measure—from the national police shirt to the officer’s coat. They guarantee comfort and a perfect fit to meet the strict criteria of law enforcement agencies. Our clothing guarantees a presence that reinforces our values but also the values elicited by the uniform.


This high level of care which has become our culture since GK PROFESSIONAL was founded has earned us the recognition of our customers.


Established in 1984, GK PROFESIONAL has since built up its expertise spurred on by the symbolic importance and attachment the police and armed forces attribute to this wear. That is why we are qualified to design as well as manufacture the gear or uniform you need! Thanks to the confidence and loyalty you have shown for over 30 years, we are delighted to continue to be your preferred partner today and in the future.